Moon And Aries


With this concept album, Moon and Aries overcome the world and build a new world with a fusion of nostalgic and futuristic celestial sounds, unlike anything you’d ever heard of before. They have a deep driving desire to raise the vibrations and activate a higher version of reality with their music.

With Tom Aries’s memorable, seductive melodies and captivating instrumentals, and Jordana’s thought-provoking, poetic lyrics, and emotionally intimate vocals, they are back with a fusion of electro-pop, indie pop, cinematic synth-pop, and much more.

Part 1

The album begins with a gentle aromatic walk into another dimension. The soft 80s feel would be great for a lounge; it’s easy to listen to and pleases the senses. However, I want Moon’s vocals to be lifted more so we can hear her beautiful voice.

I would compare the following two tracks to more upbeat but chill musicians. You can hear more of Jordana’s vocals which I love. I love this part of the album cause of the build. My favorite first-half song would have to be Never For Me.

Part 2

The second half of the album is more 80s pop-like. It has a pixelated piano feel, starting with From Another Dimension. I love the mystical feel of the songs. It makes me think of a space-themed meditation I did way back that brought me to another place in my mind.

Codes and Circles is a cool little track that could’ve been a little cooler with loud bass, but the more audible the bass, the better for me. This track is probably my favorite of the album’s second half. This second half is the coolest for me.

The last half of the album continues the soft and relaxed 80s feel to the whole album. An aromatic musician would like this whole album.

Thank You Notes

I want to thank Moon and Aries for letting me do this review of their new album, it was exciting, and I am glad I went into it with an open mind. I would like to hear what you thought about this review and the music as a whole, so please leave a like and comment below with your opinions.


Moon and Aries


Thank you for reading this, and I hope you have a good day! I will do my best not to get too inside of my head the rest of the week, so expect more articles to come the rest of the week!


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