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Glass Mansions
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Standing O by Glass Mansions Review

I’m currently listening to Standing O on Deezer Premium through my Google Pixel Series A buds, they have spatial audio and a rather complimentary bass that goes well with the slap in your face sound that this song brings.

I notice that people are probably looking at me at the gym because my earphones are probably too loud… Well, if it’s too loud then you’re too old as they say. I truly believe that statement is true for energetic musicians like Glass Mansions.

I really like how Deezer seems to alter the energetic experience with a higher volume to the song. I appreciate the flawless production and would definitely be interested in hearing more in the future. And if they ever come to Boston, i would definitely pay to see them play a live set.

I will certainly be adding Standing O to all my workout playlists and upbeat playlists that i have on Deezer. I would love to hear what you think about this song, so please leave a comment below.

Glass Mansions Collection

I’m currently still on the treadmill at the gym, but I’m now listening to their latest EP, Ritual. The spatial audio and bass is still amazing, but doesn’t really hit as hard as Standing O. That’s probably my favorite song by them.

The EP is a really solid production and it really solidifies range in their sound, and i even hear a little DnB in their beats. Some tracks that stand out the most in their last EP are Landmines, If You Need Me, Don’t, and Tunnels Vision.

Glass Mansion’s first EP, Gossip, reminds me of Paramore. It’s a little punk, a little pop, and a little electronic. It’s a great mix of ingredients that taste good. For future releases i would love to hear more guitar like they did in this EP. Some tracks that stand out the most in this EP are Give + Take, Crushed, and basically all the rest of the songs.

All in all i love to hear the progression of this soon to be notorious duo that will surely leave a big mark on the music industry. So what do you think about Glass Mansions, please leave a comment below with your thoughts!

Thank You, Glass Mansions

I would personally like to thank Blake and Jayna for requesting a review, they are a purely great duo who certainly should be one to watch for in the music industry. I wish them luck in their upcoming shows, and am looking forward to following them in their journey.

Glass Mansion


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