Features | February 2023

Sano Hill

Galway-based Sano Hill is a singer-songwriter who incorporates elements of indie rock pop, and soft rock into his music. Songs written by Sano are influenced by life, love, and loss and have been performed for audiences in the United States and Ireland on compilation albums that have received critical acclaim. The albums “Origin: See the Light,” “New Horizons,” and “Inundations” are some of the artist’s earlier releases. “Inundations” featured the music of notable international acts such as Damien Rice and Josh Ritter as some of its featured musicians.

Dancer, Sano’s newest single, will be available on all streaming platforms on February 10th, when it is released. This will be the sixth single to be released from his upcoming album, “If Not Now, When?” shows a musician’s journey through the ups and downs of a relationship, from the first glimmer of hope through periods of doubt and denial, disappointment, and finally recovery after the relationship has ended. In the song “Dancer,” the dance and the first sparks of love, and the struggle of making art is explored.

I take pleasure in listening to this artist’s ballad. Exciting and dramatic elements may be heard at the beginning as well as the conclusion of the song. I enjoy how clear and distinct the guitar sounds, and I think the bridge looks quite cool. On the other hand, I believe that there is room for improvement in terms of the vocal volume. The vocals and the acoustic guitar need to be more evenly distributed throughout the track. There is opportunity for growth here.

Although I would put Sano Hill in the same category as other musicians who play indie rock and pop, he is also a part of his very own distinct genre. I am extremely interested in hearing your thoughts on the song; therefore, I would appreciate it if you would leave a comment below with your responses. If you appreciate the content that you are listening to, please show your appreciation by clicking on the links provided below and giving them a like.

Sadie Nix

Sadie Nix is a singer-songwriter who plays the guitar and is originally from Brighton. Her most recent song was selected for broadcast on BBC Introducing. Her work has been influenced by a wide variety of musicians, including Dolly Parton, The Cure, Prince, Taylor Swift, and Brandi Carlile, to name just a few. Sadie’s goal is to compose music that tells a story that listeners can identify with.

The third of February saw the release of Sadie’s most recent song, titled “Oblivious.” The third song to be taken from her forthcoming debut album is now available online. Because a morning breakup is so much more lonely than a typical breakup because it never was or could be, this song perfectly captures the feeling of having your heart broken.

Sadie’s voice has a lot of emotion, and it sounds beautiful in this song. Although I applaud the flawless production, I feel as though the song may benefit from the addition of a few more elements. My prediction is that future releases will include more electronic components. Despite the fact that I am unable to identify a single flaw in this song, I believe that she could improve future releases by including additional material.

When I listen to Sadie’s music, I think of Norah Jones and other female singers who work on their own. Please share your thoughts on this song by leaving a comment below. Thank you. I am quite interested in hearing your opinion on this matter. If you enjoy what you hear, show your support by clicking the buttons below and giving them a like.

Sven Ross

Sven Ross
Photo credit: Willem Tol

Netherlands-based Sven Ross is a singer-songwriter who incorporates aspects of folk music, folk rock, and pop music into his work. He wrote songs when he was young and often found himself dozing off in school after writing songs late at night when his parents and sister had gone to bed. After two years of school, he arrived at the realization that the only reason he was doing it was to satisfy the expectations of others, and he made the decision to alter jobs as a result. After that, he uprooted his life and moved to London in order to enroll in a songwriting course in that city.

Sven’s most recent single, titled “A World We Believe In,” was released on February 3rd of this year. This is the third and final song to be released in conjunction with his impending second EP, which is titled “Now That I’m With You.” This song serves as a rallying cry against the practice of internalized capitalism. The goal is to create a secure environment for one another without cutting ourselves off from the rest of society.

The journey that Sven has been on is fascinating, and he comes across as an easygoing yet deeply committed individual. This song’s vocals are incredible, and I can’t wait to hear more from this artist in the years to come. I would also like to learn more about the things that are important to him and that he dedicates himself to in each song.

Sven’s music reminds me a lot of that of Simon Alexander and other independent musicians. Please leave a comment below with your views and opinions regarding this single, as I am very interested in hearing what you think of it. If you enjoy what you hear, please comment “like” and follow at the bottom of this page.


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