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Mumbai-born and Berklee-based student Tarra is a commercial pop and indie pop singer-songwriter recognized by many, including Rolling Stone India as an exciting upcoming musician. She writes thoughtful, relatable lyrics over catchy, classic, pure pop melodies.

On January 13th, Tarra released her newest single, “Time of Our Lives,” on all streaming platforms. The song is best described as adrenaline-filled easy, listening pop that chronicles a weekend beach getaway with a love interest. It was produced by Taylor Franklyn and crossed between Taylor Swift, Lauv, and Jones Blue as a perfect mood booster.

The song has a relaxed indie rock vibe that brings a uniquely uplifting vibe and reminds me of being with friends on a beach. I would compare this to uplifting and upcoming musicians like Kelsey Blackstone and maybe even Salem Ilese. If you like this song, comment below to let me and Tarra know your thoughts!

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Photo credit: Shadowbanned

Shadowbanned is a Manchester (UK) based band that mixes indie pop with alternative pop. They combine layers of string quartets, samples, pedal steel, human voices, and more into a collage for the earbuds. They sing emotional stories like love lost and found, wonders abound, and memories hanging around. Joni Mitchell, The Weeknd, Massive Attack, and others inspire them.

On January 11th, Shadowbanned released their newest release, Who Knows Where the Time Goes? featuring Abby Strickland. The song is a contemporary re-interpretation of the Sandy Denny/Fairport Convention classic with gorgeous vocals by Abby Strickland.

I like the song. It’s got an excellent chill beat; the only complaint is that the bass is a little too loud. I also enjoyed the video, but it felt like something other than a music video. Instead, it felt more like a slideshow. Overall, it’s a very old-fashioned production, which many can appreciate. I wish there were a little more to it. If you also liked this song, comment below to tell us your thoughts.

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Glossy Boy

Glossy Boy
Photo credit: Dani Willgress Photography

London-based Glossy Boy band is made up of Chris Pidsley (vocals and guitar), Ryan Bunce (background vocals, bass, and keys), and Zak Thomas Johnson (drums and background vocals). They’re inspired by The Kooks, Blossoms, and Catfish and the Bottlemen, who they claim as all solid British Indie Pop icons.

On January 13th, Glossy Boy released their newest track, The Girl Who Feels No Pain, on all streaming platforms. Coming off the back of their pop-rock-infused debut, the track is a soft contrast soaked in acoustic guitars and luscious bass lines. A simple track about a ballad of love and hurt also has the power to be a singable anthem for a middle-of-the-set respite.

With a massive Arctic Monkey mixed with a Jeremy Zucker vibe, I would listen to this song daily. The lyrics go well with the vocals that truly bring out the sadness in this song, and I also enjoy listening to Glossy Boy’s whole music collection. If you like this song, please leave a comment below.

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Photo credit: Andy Denyer

London-based Jewelia is a singer-songwriter who mixes relaxing contemporary pop with folk-pop. She has a unique and evoking sound with a flavor of pop centered around her recognizable vocals, lyrical charisma, and memorable melodies. She is a self-produced musician who’s garnered over 1.2 million views on her YouTube channel and a consistent 20k monthly listeners over the last couple of years.

On January 20th, Jewelia released her newest track, “Life Is A Highway.” The song is a distinctive acoustic sound evoked by Bjork and Kate Bush that shares an inspiring message at the beginning of the new year, taking time to enjoy the view and look ahead at what’s to come.

I like the acoustics in this song; it’s fitting for fans of Vampire Weekend and other musicians of the like. I really enjoyed this song and have no honest criticism, and I look forward to hearing more. Jewelia continues to create such good music, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the music; please comment below!

This song is excellent for Rosie, Chelsea Cutler, and Vampire Weekend fans, to name a few. If you like music, please leave a like and follow below. We will undoubtedly follow Jewelia’s music journey, so make sure you subscribe to our email list and follow us on socials.

Ali George

Bath (UK) indie folk musician Ali George is a singer-songwriter influenced by acts like Bon Iver and John Martyn. George began playing guitar at the age of six and was in his first band at the age of ten. By sixteen, he started his solo act and performed in pubs, cafes, and venues around Bath and the South-West while developing his songwriting skills and recording demo albums.

On January 6th, Ali released his newest single, Dreams within Dreams. The new track explores themes of unrequited love, loneliness, and feminism. It is a clear musical departure from his signature earthy, unadulterated acoustic sound and a venture into a more ambient and atmospheric place. The song was written from the perspective of a lonely woman who feels that her husband has neglected her over the years.

Returning to the Features, Ali George comes out with another chill Jack Johnson song. His voice can be compared to Jack Johnson and The Tallest Man on Earth. These kinds of musicians are highly underappreciated. If you enjoy listening to Ali, I suggest you listen to them. Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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