Dylan Goff | Untethered (Side Two) EP

Dylan Goff
Photo credit: Elija Kulmer
  1. Tracks 1-3
  2. Tracks 4-5
  3. Overall EP
  4. Thank You, Dylan Goff
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Tracks 1-3

Dylan has a similar voice to Creed’s Myles Kennedy, a profound and exquisite presence that needs to be recognized in his music. The drums and all the instruments in these tracks are beautiful and captivating. These first three songs are well-produced and fascinating in every way, and I love how the vocals and instruments are well-balanced.

“I Get Lost” is an excellent first track, and it captivates my ears and imagination with what the EP will be like. I connect with “Digging;” it’s a sad but uplifting song that drives home the feeling of entering a new relationship, almost like digging out of a depression and realizing the importance of love. The vocals in Behold Our Smiles have a heavy Irish accent presence, and who doesn’t love a good Irish accent?

My favorite tracks of the first three in the EP will have to be “Digging” and “Behold Our Smiles.”

Tracks 4-5

Dylan’s accent and cultural influence shine in these two tracks, although I would like to hear more confidence in his voice. The production continues to be a pinnacle point in this EP; it’s just so well done and needs to be recognized to the highest degree.

“Walking in a Photograph” has some regret; I don’t know what kind of regret the song is directed towards, but it is present in the music. My friend, Joe Carroll from Ireland, would love the deep and unique lyrics in “Old Argyle Sweater,” it’s got that old Irish music feel to it in the beginning, and towards the end, it lets you down slowly.

My favorite of the two songs in the last of this EP would have to be “Walking in a Photograph”; the production and acoustics are untouchable.

Overall EP

As I said throughout this review, the production of this EP is an epic pinnacle piece of what makes this EP so good. I also love the vocals, and that’s not just my Irish nationality speaking. Especially in the beginning of the EP, the lyrics are solid and deep, which any rock lover would love. With that said, I want to see a slower vocal build into a crushing and confident chorus or verse.

My favorite tracks in the EP would have to be “Digging,” “Walking in a Photograph,” and “Behold Our Smiles.” However, the song that sticks out the most to me is “Digging.”

Thank You, Dylan Goff

I want to thank Dylan Goff for the chance to review his new EP, it’s a fantastic piece of work, and I highly encourage everyone to listen to it! Please make sure you like and follow the links below if you enjoy what you hear and want to hear more in the future.

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Dylan Goff

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