Features | January 2023 (2)

Sabreen Islam

Sabreen Islam
Photo credit: Fabressa Iqram

Auckland-based Sabreen Islam is a singer-songwriter who weaves her signature style with inspirations from Hozier, Conan Gray, and dodie. Her single “Glow” was selected as a semi-finalist in the international Songwriting Competition 2020, and she has performed at Auckland’s famous “Others Way Festival.” In July 2022, she also published a critically acclaimed poetry collection called “Spring Clean.”

On January 13th, Sabreen will come out with a super sweet and catchy new single, “Still Love You,” on all streaming platforms. Like her other singles, this fresh track is about pining for a childhood crush who’s moved on. The song was recorded at Parachute Studios with Sophie Bialostocki and then mixed/mastered by Poynton Studio’s Ariki Perana.

This is a very quirky song, and I like its beat. It’s like a more upbeat dodie song. I love the songs Sabreen’s putting out, but I want more profound songs, and I want them to show the more vulnerable side of her. In other words, super catchy and quirky pop singles are lovely once in a while, but people nowadays also want their musicians to show their vulnerability. Some of the most famous songs nowadays are also some of the most vulnerable ones.

If you enjoy listening to musicians like dodie, you would definitely like Sabreen Islam. Please stay tuned to this artist, and expect us to cover her more in the future. If you like what you hear, please leave a like and follow below!

Lucy Burke

Sydney-based Lucy Burke is a singer-songwriter that converges contemporary pop with commercial pop. Some of her biggest influences include Billie Eilish, Regina Spektor, Norah Jones, The Beatles, and others. She will be having a single launch at the premier music venue, The Vanguard, in Sydney on January 29th. She also shot a video clip for Cliche in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, which is set to be released in mid-January.

Lucy Burke released her newest single, Cliche, on all streaming platforms today. Like all her other singles, the single captures the raw and personal reflection on life and love honestly and refreshingly. The acoustic, ambient piano track is about unrequited love and the frustrations of waiting to be noticed by someone unattainable.

This is an exciting song that I am also tempted to call a ballad, but it feels like something more than a ballad simultaneously. I like the progression in the track; the production is crisp but could improve. It’s missing something.

If I were Lucy, then I’d expand on these lyrics more. In other words, I would provide more detail about this person. This would improve Lucy’s songwriting in the future because it will provide listeners with an even more relatable song and message.

If you enjoy listening to musicians such as Dani Kristina and Mallrat, you would definitely like listening to Lucy Burke. Please also leave a like and follow below if you like what you hear!

Taydem Shoesmith

Taydem Shoesmith is an Indiana-based electronic pop singer-songwriter who mixes dance pop with commercial and commercial vocal dance. She is a new artist who fell in love with music from a young age, and her father always sang to her every night, which sparked her interest in producing music. She found comfort in writing during her first year of high school and was afraid to share, but as time went on realized that others felt the same way she did.

On New Year’s Eve, she released her newest single, “Are You Clapping?” The single made this song out of the frustration she surrounded herself with and society. Taydem says, “We have to act like the perfect person when we talk to people or go on dates. We’re kind of setting ourselves up for failure because we’re acting like someone we think they want to be with.”

Through this song, she says she wants her listeners to have more confidence in their choices, whether in a relationship or a job.

This song is unique; I love it because people need to hear it more. Many fake people fall into relationships built to fall into pieces because the people in the relationship are not honest with themselves. I love the confidence and production that this song brings.

But what I like the most is the message. People shouldn’t look for love; they should first love themselves, and then love will follow when they find true love.

I recommend this song to fans of Sylvan Esso, Kelsey Blackstone, and other confident electro-pop singers in the music industry. Please leave a like and follow below if you enjoy what you hear, and look out for more coverage in the future.


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