Alexander Evangelista | Windswept Leaves

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  3. Overall Album
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Tracks 1-6

“Getting Over You” is a great track; it has that Bob Dylan vibe with the harmonica. Alexander’s voice is pure and wonderful and shines through with “Baby I’ll Go.” These first two tracks have a sad aroma to them but also a slightly hopeful feel to it too. “Cherry Blossoms” is a bit of a turn into a lovely reflection on life. You can hear Alexander’s longing for zen and love in this song, and it’s fascinating and relatable.

“Still Holdin’ on Tight” is another great Bob Dylan-like vibe, except this is recorded live, which is cool. This is a lovely and calming song I greatly appreciate about Alexander. The title track has a very relaxed acoustic feel, and this is my favorite track of the first five songs.

“Let Me Go” really captures my struggle to find balance in a hectic life that I have built. I sometimes struggle to slow down and let life go. I love this song cause it captures that longing to say to life, “Let Me Go.”

Tracks 7-11

“Even When I’m Gone” is a unique song, but one of the shorter ones in this collection. I didn’t feel as drawn to this track as I did to the others; however, more substance, such as a harmonica or something, would draw me to this track. “How You Gonna Live” has a soothing voice that draws my attention as if I haven’t heard the voice this whole time. But no worries, it’s still Alexander.

“If I Drown” is a different song with more of an electronic element. It’s a different spin on his sound, and I can see a music video made of it. I believe that time seems to slow toward the end of the night, and this is where “Frozen” comes from. Another beautiful and mellow vibe from Alexander; it’s a great song that reminds me of Spiritualized in a way.

The last track on the album, “Hands of Time,” is an excellent track that is no different than the rest of the songs on the album but is a nice finishing touch simultaneously.

Overall Album

The album reminds me of Bob Dylan and other musicians, and it’s excellent coffee house music. I will certainly be adding this to my laid-back playlists! Additionally, I will add these songs to my campfire songs, and the songs got that vibe to it as well.

My favorite songs include; “Still Holdin’ on Tight,” “Windswept Leaves,” “Let Me Go,” “How You Gonna Live,” and “Frozen.” I would certainly like to see more of a mix of genres in future releases for Alexander, as I do for all artists of his likes.

Thank You, Alexander Evangelista

I wanted to thank Alexander for asking for this review and expressing such high praise for the website in general. That is something I get often and is something I value highly.

We would also like to thank Alexander’s sister, Rachel, for helping him produce this track. It is a great collection, and they should be proud of it!

Alexander Evangelista

The Minimalistic Music Blog


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