Features | January 2023

Midnite Gossip

Midnite Gossip
Photo credit: Sliq Shots

Calgary-based indie pop duo Midnite Gossip comprises audio-visual artists vocalist Nicky Markin and drummer and producer Michael Valenz. They had known each other since their late and early twenties when they connected over their music on MySpace in their local music scene. The band’s main influences include; The XX, St Vincent, and Phantogram.

On December 21st, Midnite Gossip came out with their new single, Streetlights. The song is a moody/chill track that gives off lonely vibes and is inspired by the sounds of The XX and The Postal Service. The lyrics and overall vibe of the track address feeling of isolation that many people experience during the winter months.

Right before listening to the song, I was listening to The XX. The sound on this new laptop captured exactly what Midnite was trying to capture in their music, a sound unlike any other. I love musicians who create all their material; it shows just how talented they are. Streetlights have great visuals and production, and I highly implore you to watch it above!

If you are a fan of The XX, you would also enjoy this piece. Please leave a like and follow if you also like the duo below!

Coco Vieno

Coco Vieno
Photo credit: simran_k_01

MUA: eldacastrati
Assisted by: thrivingonchaosx

East London-based Coco Vieno is a 20-year-old emerging artist with a knack for creativity. She produces and writes her own tracks, as well as create and design all her own imagery & artwork. She also hosts her own events (KASHOKO EVENTS) showcasing a wide range of electronic live acts and DJ’s. She utilizes electronic and celestial sounds and ethereal effects in combination with guitars and other live instruments. She is additionally inspired by acts like; Imogen Heap, Radiohead, and 1975.

On December 22nd, Coco came out with her newest single, Fray. The song is an easy to listen to electronic dance ballad which tackles the taboo yet the heart-wrenching experience of dating someone with an eating disorder.

I adore this song; everything about it yells Purity Ring. The aura, the butterflies in my stomach, and everything I usually feel when I am in love with something comes out when listening to the song. It’s like when I walked outside on a beautiful day when I was depressed; that sadness goes away. Well done, Coco!

This track is great for fans of The XX and Purity Ring, and it would also be great for fans of the indie electronic pop genre. If you enjoy listening to Coco’s new track, then please leave a like and follow below!


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  1. man, super cool artist… all DIY. Love it.


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