Features | November 2022

Carter Ray

Rolling Stone and many other publications have reviewed LGBTQ+ advocate and transgender activist from LA, Carter Ray. He also currently has over 35 million TikTok views.

On October 21st, he released his current collaborative song with Fia Nyxx to cover Sam Smith’s Dancing With A Stranger. The cover embraces the brilliantly hypnotic ease of the original while remaining unique.

I like the fader in this song, especially at the beginning of the song. It’s a well-produced cover that everyone who wants chill electronic music would enjoy.

I suggest this song to Kygo, Petit Biscuit fans, and other chill electronic musicians. If you enjoy what you hear, please leave a like and follow below.

Freyja Elsy

Freyja Elsy
Photo credit: Ed Townend

Cardiff native Freyja Elsy is a singer-songwriter who mixes dream pop with alternative pop. Freyja composes and produces her music from her home studio in Cardiff.

On October 28th, she released her newest release called Golden Hour. The song is about development, growth, and transitions in life.

This is a unique and elegant song, something that I don’t say about most songs these days. It is a delicate and complex song that everyone shouldn’t only hear; it should be listened to intently.

I recommend this song to fans of Purity Ring, Sylvan Esso, and other musicians. If you enjoy this tune, please like and follow the links below.

Sinikka Monte

Sinikka Monte
Photo credit: @endorphinaa

Finnish and South African Sinikka Monte is a singer-songwriter mix dark pop with contemporary pop. With multiple awards under her belt, she is inspired by Labrinth, Madison Beer, and Ariana Grande.

Dead End was her latest release which came out on October 28th. The song is a knee-jerk reaction to a love story that could have been great but ended in betrayal.

Sinikka is a powerful vocalist, straight to the point, and the production is equally epic. I would love to hear more from her and look forward to her future releases.

I recommend this song to fans of any EDM or Pop EDM musicians. If you like what you hear, please feel free to like and follow the links below.

Betty Reed

Betty Reed
Photo credit: Libby Danforth

Nashville-based Betty Reed, singer-songwriter, mixes indie pop with soft rock. She is a Berklee graduate with a BA in vocal performance and talks about their everyday struggles.

On October 11th, Betty came out with her newest single, Shallow End. The song is about her complex and conflicting emotions when experiencing depression.

I like the song; it’s a great production, but I would like to hear more songs highlighting her voice. I would like to hear more from Betty in the future.

I recommend this song to Lady Gaga fans and other independent female vocalists. Please follow and like the links below if you like what you hear.


Sacramento-based singer-songwriter Howe mixes dark pop with lofi pop. She is influenced by Alt-pop female artists and producers like Ingrid Witt and Banks.

On October 14th, she released her debut EP, Courtesy of Insomnia. It’s a collection of bedroom pop songs that cover a variety of moments in life.

I like this song’s lofi vibes; it’s a nice nostalgic feel. I wish I could listen to the whole piece as someone who is not on Spotify, and I urge her to post the song on other platforms!

I recommend this song to fans of modern folk artists. If you like what you hear, please feel free to like and follow the links below.

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