Features | September 2022


NYC-based YONAH is a singer-songwriter and bedroom producer. He is inspired by the likes of Mac Miller, Pink Floyd, and Pheobe Bridgers.

On August 13th, YONAH released his newest release called Bad Dreams. Being one of the first singles he ever self-produced, he wrote the song an hour after waking up at 3a from a dream about a past relationship.

This song is inspiring and dark, and I love this a lot. As a songwriter, the video and lyrics inspired me to write a piece soon. I haven’t written one in months.

For some reason, the song reminds me of Yungblud. If you also like what you hear, then make sure you follow and like the links below!

Cathal Murphy

Edinburgh (UK) singer-songwriter Cathal Murphy mixes alternative and contemporary pop with indie folk.

Cathal’s newest release came out on September 2nd, called Ever Since We Were Young. The track is a part of the soundtrack to Amazon Prime’s Reavey Brothers, starring Dylan Llewellyn.

I don’t know what Reavey Brothers is about, but I will look into it. I feel eerie reflection and sadness when listening to this song.

I would recommend this to fans of JR Augusta, Mumford & Sons, and other indie folk musicians of the likes. If you like what you hear, then like and follow the links below!

Jacob Rountree

Jacob Rountree
Photo credit: Taylor Barret

Jacob Rountree is a Bozeman-based singer-songwriter that blends psychedelic sound with indie folk and folk rock. Jacob was featured on TMM in the past. On June 3rd, Jacob came out with Definitions.

Jacob has been featured on the blog before, and this single solidifies why. It’s yet another awesome indie folk song that engulfs you in the music and never lets you go.

I would recommend Jacob to the same fans of Cathal Murphy. If you like what you hear, check out his links below.

Christina Li

Christina Li
Photo credit: Emily Lord

New York-based Christina Li is an indie pop singer-songwriter who mixes euphoric and anthemic music. She is inspired by similar musicians like Lizzy McAlpine and Eloise.

No Sleep is Christina’s newest single that came out on August 26th. The song is a story of a secret relationship she had before her girlfriend came out.

I was excited to feature Christina’s music, and that’s because she’s such a unique talent that adds a lot of diversity to the blog. I appreciate her vocals and think she is one to watch for upcoming artists.

As mentioned above, I can’t compare Christina to anyone I know. If you like her and want to leave a suggestion for who you think she sounds like, follow and like the links below!

Madison Deaver

Madison Deaver
Photo credit: Raebae

LA-native Madison Deaver is an adrenaline-rushing female pop-punk singer-songwriter. She has been featured on TMM many times before. On August 5th, Madison Deaver came out with her newest song Denim.

Fired up and rocking, Madison Deaver is back with Denim. Catchy as f**k, and a slap in the face to her past relationship that she didn’t make last. This is my favorite song of hers, and it even made it to our August 2022 top 10 charts!

You’d love this track if you like P!nk, Avril Lavigne, and other female pop-punk artists. If you like what you hear, follow and like the links below.

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  1. This is a great collection of indie artists here. And I mean “indie” not only in the sense of the genre aesthetic, but also independent artists


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