Features | July 2022 (2)

Stromer Hills

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Canadian born and raised rapper/singer-songwriter Stromer Hills has been making music since his graduation from Bishop Carroll High school in Calgary. Stromer mixes commercial pop with commercial vocal dance in an easy listening style.

On June 23rd, Stromer released his newest single If You Like the Way I Walk. The release peaked the R&B and Soul: New & Hot global charts on SoundCloud and has already reached 11k streams on SoundCloud alone.

This is the most intriguing song that I have found on Musosoup to date, it’s 100% ready for the radio. There’s no doubt Stormer’s latest single will be on a stage near you soon. I would be interested to see where he goes with expanding his sound going forward.

I recommend Stromer Hills to the fans of Coldplay, Ayokay, and other modern pop singers of the likes. If you enjoy what you hear, then please feel free to like and follow the links below.

Young Leon

Los Angeles-based alternative pop duo Young Leon and Charcuterie have been making music together since 2019. They have been friends since middle school but only been making music together when their projects aligned a year ago.

On July 1st, they released their newest single Moonlight on all platforms. This energetic alternative pop song will rewind you into the past of lively a past summer evening.

Drum N Bass/Jungle is another great genre I have yet to review on this blog, and I think it’s a great time review something in that genre seeing it was almost 100 degrees here in Holliston. I am generally surprised that this song wasn’t considered to be a Tropical House song by the producers, and the only complaint I have with it is it feels really short.

If you are a fan of Win and Woo, Cafe Disko, and other alternative pop artists, then I would definitely check this song out. If you want to hear more, then definitely like and follow the links below.

Amber T

Amber T
Photo credit: Adam Titchener

East Grinstead-based 18 year old singer-songwriter Amber T has been releasing since the age of 15. Her recent tracks have had over 143k streams and 1.5 million YouTube views.

On June 20th, Amber released her newest release Tightrope. This single will captivate you from the first listen the same way it was to the many who are calling it her best release so far.

Somebody tell me she’s older than 18, because if you ask me she sounds a lot older than that. I have never heard such a young and powerful voice before, so watch out for this rising talent.

I would compare Amber to the likes of Amy Shark, Izzy Thomas, and more. If you like what you hear then I would recommend to follow and like the links below.


Isreali based singer-songwriter band Lizardream are am acoustic and contemporary pop band that has nostalgic elements. 3 years ago Adi Schmeidek Barer (lead singer and songwriter) gathered the band after finding herself lost in songwriting with no job.

On March 3rd, lizardream released their newest track Outside Looking In. This contemporary pop release was inspired by memories from Adi’s trip to India.

I love when artists make tracks about their travels, it brings me back to the days traveling across Europe and South America with family during my school years. Traveling can bring so much as far as creativity, and this is one of the great examples.

This is great for fans of modern folk pop artists. If you like what you hear then feel free to like and follow the links below.

Janna Pelle

Sullivan County (NY)-based multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Janna Pelle makes music in her home studio somewhere in the woods. She is heavily influenced mostly by Tame Impala and Lady Gaga and aspires to avenge Karen Carpenter’s death as a singing drummer.

Janna influences came out strong in her newest release Know Too Much that came out in the beginning of June. This song is about the comforts and fears of knowing too much.

Knowing too much is one thing, but knowing too much about making good music is never a bad thing. Apparently Janna knows that well. I love the dreamy 80’s pop vibes in this song.

I would recommend this song to fans of New Order and Great Time. If you like what you hear, please feel free to like and follow the links below.


London-based Fledging (Alfie Jackson) is a producer and singer-songwriter. Additionally, Fledging is an artist project, label, curator, and more. With each artist bring something new to the table, there’s a lot more to Fledging that I will be expanding on in a future article.

On June 30th, Fledging came out with their newest single Superheroes. This is a uplifting single about your father-figure being your hero throughout your life.

I love this song, I’m currently dancing in my room with it on repeat. Okay maybe not really, but inside I want to! Like I said there will be more from these guys on this website, I am committed to that.

I feel like Fledging is something different, nothing that can be compared to. If you like to follow and like the links below, then please do!

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