Features | June 2022 (4)



London-based Charade is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and producer who fuses alternative, electronic, and indie elements into his sound. He is inspired by genres such as Emo and Pop.

On June 17th, Charade came out with his new song, “Too Much“. The song is inspired by the lingering feelings that remained after being stuck inside with his mind during the pandemic.

The beginning of the song is really cool and I get a quirky feeling from the song. I would say this song is on my list of my new favorite dark-pop songs. My only complaint about this song is that it’s really short and I would like it to be a bit longer than 3 minutes.

I would recommend this song to fans of The Rogues, The Howl, and The Hum. If you enjoy listening to this song, I suggest you like and follow the links below.



Nakamax is a producer and songwriter based in Boucherville (CAN). They are inspired by the feeling of freedom that typically comes in the summertime, as well as by artists Illenium, Gryffin, and Seven Lions.

On June 3rd, they came out with “So Bad” for their first release in a long time. The song is filled with emotions and melancholic lyrics about wanting a better life.

I like the production and build to the drop – The drop is just as smooth. This is certainly future house but more of an electronic pop song than commercial pop.

If you like Caslow and Red Comet, then Nakamax is definitely for you. If you like what you hear, then like and follow the links below.

Ian Janco

Ian Janco
Photo Credit: Natalie Michelle

Ian Janco is a London-based singer-songwriter that mixes indie folk with cinematic acoustic indie pop. He is passionate in making a difference in people’s lives and has three donation buttons on his Linktree.

On June 8th, Ian released his Rapture EP on all platforms. The songs focus on the emotional impacts of heartbreak, loss, isolation, healing, and coming together.

I have spoken to this artist and I will say that he is one nice and classy guy. The plus of all this is that his music is remarkable and powerful. If you don’t like this music, then what kind of music do you like?

This is great for fans of Samuel Jack and if you generally like mainstream hits. If you have a pulse and love tender music, like and follow the links below.

Angela Parchetta

Angela Parchetta
Photo Credit: Hannah Qi Photography

NY born but Nashville-based Angela Parchetta is a singer-songwriter who mixes contemporary pop and commercial pop. Her influences include singers like Taylor Swift, Halsey, and Bleachers.

Yesterday, the young singer released her newest single and first release of the year, “Never Again“. The song is a feel-good summer song that encourages listeners to recognize their greatness and cease second-guessing themselves.

When looking at the influences, I was pleasantly surprised to see Bleachers in her list. It’s not too often that I find that and definitely not a bad thing. I like the catchiness of the song and the message should be a special reminder to many.

This song is great for fans of Salem Ilese and any commercial pop singer-songwriter. If you enjoyed this fun little tune, then feel free to like and follow the links below.

Lie Supine

Lie Supine
Photo Credit: Rob Spaull

Lie Supine are an alt-rock pop and indie rock duo who mixes rock with psychedelic sounds from Colwyn Bay (UK).

On June 11th, they debuted their third release, “Open Eyes“. The song is about the struggles and beauty of dedicating your life to music.

I was expecting heavy metal but instead, I got a beautiful alternative rock song to round out this week’s Musosoup Features. I was pleasantly surprised by this production and video – I love it all.

If your fans of Blind Melon and Trope, then give this track a spin. If you like it, then follow and like the links below.

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