Musosoup Features | June 2022 (1)

Hector Cottam

London-based Hector Cottam is a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter that creates indie tones straight from the heart. His biggest influences that can be heard in his music include the likes of Paul McCartney and Jack White.

Hector recently came out with his newest release “Now You’ve Gone” on Friday. The song is about living life to the fullest. It is also about Hector grappling for self acceptance of his bisexuality.

This song is so captivating and emotional, I feel like it could be used in television or movies. It definitely reminds me of JR August. When listening to it, you can feel the indie nostalgia.

I would definitely recommend this song to fans of JR August, Mumford & Sons, and many other modern day Indie Folk Rock artists.

Catherine Elms

Swansea-based dark pop singer-songwriter Catherine Elms combines untamed intensity with soft edges. Her influences range from Tori Amos and Amanda Palmer

On May 27th, Catherine released “Fire Song” which is her second release. This very personal song is about lockdown and how her life was turned upside down.

Inspired by the album art, this stellar song sent me back in the days of the Vikings and I wonder if that was the intention when paired with the song. I like the energy in the song and am intrigued to hear more.

I would recommend songs by Catherine Elms to fans of Lilac Melt. Make sure you follow and like the links below to stay up to date.


German composer and producer, Tom Aries, and Canadian singer-songwriter ,Jordana Moon, consist of Moon and Aries. They bring warmth and assurance for a bright future with a Synth Pop Opera sound.

Their newest release “Take Me Home” is a part of their upcoming EP Paradise.
Paradise is dedicated to their high concept, dynamic theatrical, and each component of that EP is nothing less than a full body activation experience.

These guys sound like a mix of The Palms and Abba but that’s just my opinion. I appreciate the mix of Art Pop with Synth Pop – I think it makes their sound unique.

I would recommend Moon and Aries to fans of Paragon Cause. If you like them, please feel free to like and follow them on the links provided below.

Mollie Rainwater

Augusta-based Mollie Rainwater is a guitarist, pianist, vocalist, and songwriter. Her influences include Passenger and Joni Mitchell.

On May 23rd, she released her album For the Broken Hearted Traveler. Most of the songs were written during the pandemic and were about the longing to travel once again.

This is a beautiful album; It’s definitely emotional and brings back all those “feels” of the pandemic. I personally like the chill vibes to this song. I hope Mollie has traveled more since the pandemic has died down!

Mollie is great for fans of Blu Eyes and other soft rock artists. If you enjoy listening, please feel free to like and follow the links below!

Becca Lynn

Boise-based Becca Lynn is an indie and alternative pop artist that has been featured on multiple television shows airing on MTV, Netflix, and more. Becca’s first EP has already garnered thousands of streams and counting.

On May 13th, Becca debuted their newest release, Volume 2: Sage. This release proves to be just as catchy and fun as their debut EP.

Becca’s sound is the definition of peppy nostalgic Indie Pop. It’s catchy, classic sounding, and makes you want to get up and dance. I am not surprised that they’ve been featured in shows and movies.

I would suggest everyone who are fans of Indie Pop to check out Becca’s music. It’s great and you wont be disappointed. Follow and like the links below if you feel the same!

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