Musosoup Features | May 2022 (1)

Sofia Dragt

Sofia Dragt
Photo Credit: Melissa Scharroo

Utrecht-based artist Sofia Dragt has recently released her concept album ISA. The album boldly features Temporary Gold which has previously been featured on TMM in the past few months and The Train Goes On which can be viewed below.

The album was made and created in Ísafjördur, Iceland. Sofia often travels to get inspired, bringing her portable studio gear. For this album, she brought her field recorder to add natural sounds to the tracks.

I have been to Iceland as well and I will say that the feel of this well-produced album does give me recollections of that beautiful country. I’m an absolute wuss for good transitions and the transition between these songs are breath-taking.

I thoroughly enjoyed this album and I think you will too. This album is perfect for fans of Tegan and Sara and any female artist who is as bold and adventurous with their writing as Sofia. We will continue to cover her but if you like her, please feel free to listen and follow to the links provided below.

James the Seventh

21-year old alternative pop artist James the Seventh from Pittsburg, originally set out to be a ballet dancer but an injury and surgery led her to give up the craft. In 2020, she begun teaching herself how to play the guitar, piano, songwriting, and produce. 1 year later, she was featured on Billboard NXT competition.

On April 22nd, she released her newest single Future Memories. The song is about her struggles with an eating disorder as a full time ballet dancer.

I love the production and I would even compare this to the likes of 90’s female alt-rock musicians such as The Hole. I find the piano to be the keystone to the whole production, apart from James’ amazing vocals.

Like previously stated, I would say this is great for fans of 90’s alt-rock musicians but I would also recommend fans of Holy Wars to check out this new single.

Ask Carol

Ask Carol is a Norwegian alternative indie rock band and if you recognize the name, it’s for a reason. We have covered Ask Carol before and in fact, we are good friends!

On April 22nd, Quiet One came out on ChoVan Records as their version of alt-pop, indie rock, and a dreampop song. The song is about a secret crush in which your social circle would be surprised.

The song reminds me of their single Mountain of Cash – It’s a slow burner for sure. I always see them jamming outside in front of cows on Instagram and the song definitely showcases those skills on the guitar.

Ask Carol is great for fans of Glass Peaks and other modern rock bands. I highly suggest you listen to our article as well.

Ferguson’s Daughter

Ferguson’s Child is the new name of Lindsey Ferguson’s musical journey. She married Jordan Plotner and changed her name to Lindsey Plotner. Lindsey’s is a big favorite of mine and has been covered on TMM too.

Blissed Out Blues is the newest release as of April 3rd and is as vulnerable as the rest of her releases from the past. The EP is a farewell to her past and the welcoming of a new chapter.

I think Lindsey will make a great mother, especially when singing lullabies to her children at night. I can imagine most of this EP will be featured in those lullabies. These are well-produced melodies that she should be proud of.

Lindsey certainly has an unique and beautiful sound but I can imagine readers can explore and find other great musicians like her. Please feel free to follow and listen to the links below.

Bethany Weimer

Following a seven year hiatus, alt-pop singer songwriter Bethany Weimer returns. Previously, Bethany’s music has been heard on many stations like BBC Introducing Oxford and 6 Music and tours in both UK and Europe.

Bethany returns with her much anticipated single Circles that was self-produced in her home studio in Oxford. Circles was written in one afternoon, exploring ideas sparked by motherhood, the pandemic, and larger social and political changes.

Bethany is great at setting a euphoric feel of madness in this production – The desire for change of some kind is apparent in this song. I really just would like the song to be longer.

Like Lindsey, I find it hard to compare Bethany to any specific genre or artist. Follow and like the links below if you enjoyed this single!

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