Musosoup Features | April 2022 (3)

Lottie Zttarr

Lottie Zttarr
Photo credit: Aleksandra Karpowicz

London-based multi-instrumentalist Lottie Zttarr is an aspiring artist who is inspired by 60’s psychedelia, gospel, folk, and many other unique genres. Her favorite hobby is exploring the fiction and fantasy world of books while becoming lost in musical soundscapes.

At the end of March 2022, she released her newest release Revealing on all her streaming platforms. Written accidentally on a borrowed keyboard, Revealing can be received in different ways but mainly eludes to the sentiment of discovering something you shouldn’t have found out.

I really appreciate the mysterious vibe in this song and the video certainly adds to the mystery. I find Lottie’s hobby to fit in perfectly with the elegant aroma she contributes to the song.

I would compare her music to a mix of Peachy! and Honey&Eve. I find Peachy to have a similar lofi aspect to Lottie and Honey, creating a similar vocal sound.


Plymouth (MA) based dream-pop indie band A/V CLvB is a brand new band made up of Avery, Luca, and Braeden. Avery plays the rhythmic guitar, sings, and the keys; Luca is also a singer and plays the lead guitar; and Braeden plays on the bass.

Their debut single just came out today and is a slow indie rock song that goes along with their dream pop sound. The song starts off as a ballad then slowly grows, musically, throughout the song.

The tune in the beginning on the song sounds very familiar – almost too familiar. I like Avery’s nostalgic vocals in the song. I feel Avery brings a nice tone and refreshing sound to the song as well.

I would compare the band to the likes of Small Talks, as well as Hodera. There’s more rock in these comparisons but the vocal similarities are really what I feel A/V have in common with these two bands.

Lazer Viking

Lazer Viking

Prague-based artist Lazer Viking is also a brand new rising EDM artist, inspired by many genres including synth-pop and techno. After parting ways with his Tunnel Vision and guitar-based music, Lazer had little knowledge of anything about EDM.

Despite his lack of knowledge about the genre, Lazer released his debut single Yr Body on the 15th. Alongside it’s “anti-dance” video, directed by Jay Walker, is a highly relatable account of unsuccessful struggle paired with the reality of loss.

For someone with little insight on how to make an EDM production, this is a quality production. The video is captivating, ending with a feeling of how much greater it could be if it was only a little longer. One can only wonder if this was done intentionally.

I would compare this track to the likes of Dezabel and Lazer Owl. The two mix well with Lazer Viking’s sound and would be a good idea for collaboration in the future.

Marcus Valance

British singer-songwriter, mulit-instrumentalist, and producer Marcus Valance is an aspiring musician from the Netherlands. Since learning how to play the piano at 5 years old, Marcus has yet to give up on making music.

Marcus has recently came out with his newest releaseYesterday today. This difficult release was brought on as a project, in light of his own grief. The difficult decision to release this track was done to help other speak up about their own grief, to not hold it in.

The song is a beautiful production and is truly a heartfelt and passionate piece that one can only appreciate. In the truest sense, I believe this is the strongest track of the bunch. Grief affects everyone and I highly respect the strength it took for Marcus to release this.

Marcus reminds me of 2AM Orchestra and The Coronas. The heaviness of this song truly reflects the sound of 2AM and The Coronas.



Manchester (UK) based 4-piece Escapades are made up of Ollie Hussey, Liv Nicholls, Lewis Barron, and Lewis Fielding whom have been creating music together since 2017. The band are inspired by bands like Wolf Alice and Black Honey and have played across venues in Manchester and Liverpool.

This version of Old were made with the help of Merciful Sound. This groovy track features the co-lead vocalists Liv and Ollie’s harmonies, bringing the listeners through pining motions of young love and the struggle to watch it grow old.

Mystically written with beautiful harmonies is my first impression of the live track. It doesn’t fall short in playing with the senses, with a little pep to it’s acoustic sound.

This song reminds me of a mix of Glass Peaks and YVR. This, of course, depends on how similar their live versions sound. I could be totally off though.

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