Musosoup Features | April 2022 (2)

Silvia De Rosa

Performer/singer-songwriter Silvia De Rosa, with help from Tinder-friend Beek Arranger (songwriter), has her debut single Our Goodbye on March 14th. This song describes the feelings of a girl after a break up and how she discovers that there is no correct answer to why they broke up with her.

I feel like this meaning is true for everyone and I truly admire the raw feeling portrayed in the song and music video. The song’s tone is perfect all throughout but I would like the ending to sound a bit more uplifting. This track is great for fans of Mitski and Sabreen Islam.


Los Angeles-native sydneyunicorns came out with her fourth single on Friday. The song was written and produced during the Covid-19 quarantine and dives into the thoughts and feelings she experienced when she was alone, stuck in her head.

This a great chill song but also very emotional, especially considering the difficulties everyone faced during the pandemic. I really like the song and appreciate the strength behind it. This track is great for fans of Asherah and Kaylin Cervini.

Micki XO

Micki XO of Portland released her powerful new single Light Me Up, yesterday. The song is about addiction and how people with mental health struggles sometimes use to escape their problems.

This fast paced vibe is catchy and the vocals are perfect for this song. As a mental health worker, the song touches on a subject I deal with at work everyday and I am happy to see that Micki came out of this situation stronger. This is a perfect song for fans of Harley Huke.


New York based sautereau released her second track What If, on the 1st of April. The song is dedicated to her love of New York City and was written about reliving the memories of the city life.

Vocals are flawless and the production is just as well-done. I really love the video and it makes me think of a girl I constantly think got away… This is great for fans of Salem and She Is Jules.

Emma Mae

Leicester (UK)-based Emma Mae came out with her newest single I Should Sell My Story to a TV Network, yesterday. The song is based on a joke with Emma’s roommates that they all live in a sitcom and it details all the unfortunate things that she has experienced and laughed about.

This uplifting and silly song is a fun perspective on life and the ups and downs in an indie-pop way! The song is very relatable and I think it would be a great sitcom! This is a great song for fans of Embers and Lindsey Ferguson.


London-based MOLTENO released her newest EP Element 1, yesterday. The first of many element-based releases focused on the elements of fire

I was personally really excited to explore this EP after seeing the nostalgic pictures, so that’s the first thing in which I took notice I really like how this first impression collides with MOLTENO’s vocals and the constant aroma of fire in the background. This EP is great for fans of Anna Kairos.

22 Oceans

Liverpool-based pop artist 22 Oceans released their new single Home, on February 22nd. The song touches on what feelings you feel when returning home.

This minimalist inspired electronica song is great and well produced. I appreciate the meaningfulness behind the music video and song itself. This is a great song for fans of In Earnest.


CHANDLER released his newest track In The Movies, on April 2nd. The song is his second single off of his EP Brent, due to be released on the May 7th. It is about the reality and small disappointment that rises from your gut to remind you that you’re not in the right place in your life.

My first thought when hearing this song was “Woah, it sounds like Jeremy Zucker.” If you know who he is, then you’d know what I mean. If you don’t, then now you do. This is, low-key, my favorite song of the bunch because it’s honest but also catchy – That’s a great mix. This is great for fans of Arin.

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