Musosoup Features | April 2022 (1)

Alec Jordan

Alec Jordan

Seattle-based Alec Jordan released his newest album Soul, on March 25th. The song was written with Jai Hallen, Trey Caldwell played the drums, and it was produced and vocally mixed by Warren Russell.

I like the guitar in the beginning of the song but I do think the vocals need a little more work. Other than that, the song sounds good. I am excited to follow this upcoming musician and look for more coverage in the future. This is great for fans of Arin, Machine Gun Kelly, and other pop musicians.

Alex & The Alpaca

Norwegian-based solo artist Alex & The Alpaca released his second track Adorable, today. This explicit and energetic song is inspired by the sounds of Indie-pop and rock.

At first, I couldn’t get over the Alpaca. Its swag-glasses look better than any cartoon I have ever seen. But after pressing play, I am blown away from the nostalgic sound and production. Looking forward to seeing how big of a splash this dude can make in the industry. Alex is great for fans of 5on5 and Vaultboy.

Emma Kelly

London-based pop artist Emmy Kelly released her latest single and second track on her upcoming EP Under Pressure, on March 25th. Under Pressure is about that constant feeling 20 somethings’ get when all their ambitions fail to conform to modern society’s values

I rarely do commercial pop but this walks the fine line of commercial and electronic pop. I appreciate the vocals, which I find as flawlessly produced. This is great for fans of salem ilese.

Skylar Lee

Nashville-based pop artist Skylar Lee released her new song Hotel in a Hurry, yesterday. This ballad highlights the heartbreak of not realizing what you had until it’s too late.

This is a great song and the piano puts you in the feels real quick. Flawless production and more serious than the video demonstrated. This is great for fans of Chelsea Cutler, Faybee, and Dinah Is.

Bite the Boxer

Dorset (UK) lofi artist released his newest release song Forgotten, today. The song was partly written and produced while live on Twitch and the tone was inspired by the likes of The XX, Bonobo, and The National.

This is great production as well but wasn’t at all what I had expected. I would also like to know the background story behind the black-and-white music video. This is great for fans of Echolily and Melissa Joy.


London-based Embers released her debut single Flames, today. The song is an evolving love affair with London and a reminder to let go of what no longer serves you.

I was really excited to review this great production and was even ready to publish this article before the release day. But Ember said no… I really like the nostalgic feel to this song and appreciate the pictures, which perfectly explain what the song sounds like. This is great for fans of Christy P Klotz and Lucky Iris.

This coverage was created via Musosoup #SustainableCurator

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