Lindsey Ferguson | Being a Girl

Lindsey Ferguson
Credit: John Chirikjian


“I feel depressed.”

The three words I find myself saying a lot during these days of a worldwide pandemic. I know I said them before the pandemic, but just not to the extent when isolated from society.

“I feel anxious.”

The other three words when I find myself thinking about things going back to normal. It’s almost like a fear that our society will go from 0 to 100 and back to 0.

But no matter what happens, I always come back to those five words…

“I’m listening to my music.”

Table of Contents

  1. Editorial
  2. Who is Lindsey Ferguson?
  3. Being a Girl by Lindsey Ferguson Summary
  4. What’s Next for Lindsey Ferguson?
  5. Thank You Notes
  6. Links
  7. Conclusion

Who is Lindsey Ferguson?

Lindsey is a 26 year-old singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles who produces her songs all organically. Born in Pennsylvania, she is also a filmmaker and painter. Lindsey went to NYU Steinhardt where she did get to finish her master’s in Music Business because of the 2020 pandemic. She then decided to travel to LA to live with her now fiance, Jordan Plotner.

Lindsey has released several singles, played in Tileyard Studios in London, Rockwood Music Hall, and other venues. However, Being a Girl is her first most significant release to date. This album is a collection of intimate moments through 2018-2021. The album also highlights moments including living with her parents, having her heart broken, and coming to terms with be diagnosed with clinical anxiety and depression.

Being a Girl by Lindsey Ferguson Summary

As I am writing this, I am watching TV with my Dad. I tend to listen to music that I am reviewing, but for this I do not have to. Being a Girl is like listening to the great singers in First Aid Kit in that way, you just don’t forget the feeling you get when listening to every song.

I also think that a great song feels like it goes on for twice as many minutes. For instance, Silk and Satin Take Manhattan is a 2:24 minute long song, but I feel like it lasted at least 4:48 minutes long.

Same for Bad Coffee…

And same for the whole album.

What’s Next for Lindsey Ferguson?

For right now, Lindsey is focusing on advertising her new album which is set to be released on the 14th. I implore you to make sure you click and like the links below to stay up to date!

Thank You Notes

I want to personally and genuinely thank Lindsey for making this creative album, it brings me back to the days that I tirelessly filled my ears with folk pop music. Like Lindsey, I also use music as one of my driving forces to combat my mental health with anxiety and depression that I have struggled with most of my life, and I truly believe that’s why music is a thing to begin with. I hope you follow and like the links below to stay up to date with Lindsey’s progress.


I hope you have a safe and wonderful week, and to please remember to follow the safety guidelines. Also remember to be respectful to those among you.

Being a Girl by Lindsey Ferguson

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