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Sacramento-based singer-songwriter Chayanne Ledbetter (Howe) will be coming out with her song Wash Rinse Repeat on New Years Eve 2021. The electro-pop song made with Sacramento producer HERO is her 5th single about feeling stuck.

This song is hard to explain without mentioning Lorde. The vocals for instance, it really sounds like you’re listening to Lorde song. But it also reminds me of Lana Del Ray, I like it it’s a little trippy.


Rachelle Barr (Cartinglee)
Credit: Becky Cotton

Ooltewah-based singer-songwriter Rachelle Barr (Cartinglee) came out with her debut single Star/Dust on November 11th. The single is about exploring the line between anxiety and healing in the wake of a difficult experience.

I love Rachelle’s voice, it’s powerful. I find this song to be almost like a ballad. I don’t really think that the folk rock pop genre fits this delicate song, I would say it’s more of a soft rock ballad.

Julie Tuzet

Julie Tuzet

Paris-based model and singer Julie Tuzet came out with her inspirational song Create on November 19th. This song is a high vibe that uplifts spirits and re-energizes listeners.

I like the energy in the song, it uplifts my spirits. I don’t usually do trip-hop songs, but this song is different and really inspired me to want to feature Julie. I hope you like her too and feel uplifted when listening to this song.

Sabreen Islam

Sabreen Islam
Credit: Kelly Sierra (Outdoor Photos)

Auckland-based Sabreen Islam came out with her fifth single Like A Movie on December 11th. Co-produced with Will Henderson the song was chosen as a semi-finalist for the International Songwriting Competition 2020.

I really like this song, it’s got the creativity of Sasha Sloan and Mallrat but in a bedroom pop style. I am pretty sure Sabreen is the first musician I have heard from New Zealand, and I really hope it won’t be the last. I would love to hear more like this song.

Midnight Run

Midnight Run
Credit: Ant Axten

London-based folk rock pop duo Midnight Run came out with their new single Winter Romance on December 15th. The duo consist of Jacob Elwy (North Wales) and Jonny Mac (Liverpool).

I love the acoustic feel to the song, and the backed with Scottish-like vocals. It’s great for pubs, which the band was formed above one. I can definitely see this in a Game of Thrones episode.

Lydia Briggs

Lydia Briggs

Cleveland-based singer-songwriter Lydia Briggs came out with her single Fall Back to You on December 10th. This dark anachronistic pop song is empowering single that brings captures the attention of her growing audience.

This song is undoubtedly the one song that perfectly explains the state of the world politically and socially. We are all fighting for something, and we so desperately want the new normal to be something better than the old normal.

Hawk and the Wild

Jimmy Witfalk
Credit: Ida Witfalk

Swedish-based Jimmy Witfalk (Hawk and the Wild) came out with Aral Sea on November 11th. The song is about the Aral sea, the sea that disappeared in Southern Russia.

If Jimmy’s name sounds familiar, then I am happy that you stuck around for so long! I have reviewed Hawk and the Wild years ago, but this is by far my favorite single Jimmy’s released. The acoustics are crisp and I really like the story telling in this song as well.

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  1. […] I feel like this meaning is true for everyone and I truly admire the raw feeling portrayed in the song and music video. The song’s tone is perfect all throughout but I would like the ending to sound a bit more uplifting. This track is great for fans of Mitski and Sabreen Islam. […]


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