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Ben Meyers

Ben Meyers

Ben Meyers came out with Thunder on April 30th, which is almost an universal message that anyone can relate to. The song is a cross between Hozier and early John Mayer, as well as indie folk rock that highlights Ben’s musical talents lyrically and sonically.

The first thing I notice about this song is the unique use of both acoustic and electric guitars. I really appreciate the complexity of the song and lyrics. It’s an easy listen to while also feeling like a really meaningful song.

Karen Harding

Karen Harding

Melbourne (AUS) musician Karen Harding came out with I Didn’t Realise on May 7th, a ballad that talks about an earth shattering breakup that is so painful. The song reflects and navigates us through every raw emotion during the healing process.

Karen’s very hauntingly beautiful voice soars throughout the whole song and really makes you feel the painful things she goes through in this song. Heartbreak is real, and it hurts. This song sheds light on that, and I love that.

Abz Winter

Abz Winter

18 year old Abz Winter came out with Faker on April 30th, an all-around catchy song about what Abz says “people are not always what they seem”.

The song is fun, one that I feel really should be a concert opener. Abz has a powerful voice, and she has a lot of potential in the music industry with this song.

Bethany Ferrie

Bethany Ferrie

23 year old singer songwriter Bethany Ferrie from Glasgow came out with Bones on April 30th, a song from her upcoming EP that touches on her reflections from the lockdown. During this lockdown, she finds herself reminiscing, letting go, and opening up.

Bones feels like a freeing song that welcomes excitement into ones life, kind of like falling in love after a period of being lonely. I find this very inspiring since it focuses on letting go of the things in your past.

Nightly Gatherings

Nightly Gathering

22 year old producer and photographer Connor Johnson (aka Nightly Gatherings) came out with Affirmation on April 30th, a song he wishes to invoke just as much emotion the rest of his music. While his previous single (Up All Night) was about reminiscing on the joy we had with our loved ones prior to lockdown, this single focuses on appreciating all the little things.

I really like this song, it reminds me of the musicians that are on my Vibes playlist. The electronics are very uplifting, and I really appreciate how the lyrics tell a story on top of that uplift.

Madison Deaver

Madison Deaver

LA pop rock singer-songwriter Madison Deaver came out with That’s What She Said, the first single off of her Tongue Tied EP. This single is an up-tempo song with female sounds of the 90s and features drummer Adrian Young (Dreamcar / No Doubt).

I am a huge fan of this song, and the idea of UK and US sounds in an EP is pretty sick too. This song touches my modern and 90s musical geekness. No real criticism here, other than the fact that I love this song.

Pokki DJ

Pokki DJ

Italian DJ and music producer Gianluca Pochiero (aka Pokki DJ) came out with Misty Haze on May 5th, which was recorded entirely in Sanremo, Italy. Pokki is known for his single Remember This Night (2017), which later won him second place in the 2018 Unsigned Only EDM.

The song is very well produced, and should be in a Ayokay set. I love the peaks and low points of the song, it really flows all very well.

Ugly Beautiful

Ugly Beautiful

Ugly Beautiful came out with Sunrise on April 23rd, a song that blends alternative rock with hints of grunge and indie. The song tells a story of two people trying to help each-other through the confusing and distracting world that we live in.

This is a really interesting song all together, the video is also very intriguing too. The verses remind me of Tool, while the chorus remind me of the Local Natives sort of.

Hybrid Kid

Endless by Hybrid Kid

Indie rock band Hybrid Theory came out with Endless on April 30th. The band is inspired by collective British greats like Arctic Monkeys, with appearances on multiple BBC platforms.

The mellowness of this song is feels like a song you would hear in an Irish coffee house or something chill like that. As a guitar player myself who likes fingerpicking, I really like the repetitive fingerpicked riff throughout the song.

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