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So you want to be a Minimalist?

Okay great! First, you see that iPhone with all those apps you don’t need…

Yeah, get them outta here, you said you don’t need them so who really cares!

Next, see that closet full of clothes you don’t wear?

Yeah, get rid of them too!

I think you catch my riff, just get rid of everything you don’t need! It’s very simple, but the question is…

Can you do it?

For a while now, I personally have admired the minimalist lifestyle. If I am ready for that kind of lifestyle, I don’t know…

But I sure hope I get there.

Peachy!, however, does live that lifestyle. He doesn’t only live with it, but he also travels with it.

I can tell from just reading about him, that this teen is an old soul.

Table of Contents

  1. Editorial
  2. Who is Peachy!?
  3. Peachy! Review
  4. What is Next for Peachy!?
  5. Thank You Notes
  6. Links
  7. Conclusion

Who is Peachy!?

Atlanta native artist/producer, Peachy!, has been releasing music since 2017 that showcase his melodic guitars, lofi drums, soothing vocals, and beautiful melodies.

He begun making music at 8 years old with an electric guitar after hearing a song called Sombre, Green by Birocratic, “I never heard someone mix hip and jazz,” reflects Peachy. Eager to learn more, he then taught himself how to play piano, bass guitar, and ukulele at age 14.

Because of his underground hip-hop upbringing, Peachy! focused on releasing instrumentals in 2017. His vocal debut came with Drown with You featuring Ward Willis, introducing a dark synth-pop sound to his music collection in 2018, and then he released Falling for U in the Summer of 2019 which broke him onto the music scene at around the ages of 15 and 16 earning him an RIAA Gold Record.

After graduating high school in the Summer of 2019, he rid himself of most material things things and lived as a nomad and minimalist while traveling the world.

In total, Peachy! visited 11 different countries while creating his debut album as a vocalist (We Make Characters that Look Like us to Make Us Feel Less Alone). During his travels he learned 3 foreign languages (French, Korean, and some Polish) as well as picking up on Finnish and Swedish along the way.

Today, Peachy lives in New York, currently working towards his newest album in Spring 2021 with tracks in English and Korean.

My fan base is very diverse. I love hearing about their cultures, languages and learning their stories when I talk to them at concerts. Social media can complicate my connection with fans just as much as it assists. Still, the moments I treasure most in my career are often the times I get to hear stories, take photos, and hug the people who support me all around the globe.

Peachy! (December 27, 2020)

Peachy! Review

It is absolutely clear to me that Peachy! doesn’t want to be a Popstar, he just wants to mean something to his listeners and fans.

Every song he writes feels so thoughtfully made. The only song I don’t like is You Can’t Imagine, but there’s nothing wrong with the song… It just doesn’t fit his sound in my opinion.

Listening to his music is very soothing and magical, it makes me calm and helps me slow down.

That’s why leading up to this article being published I increased the amount of time I take in the day to meditate, because I didn’t only want to connect to his music… I wanted to feel it.

I feel like I definitely achieved that, as his music means more now. It lets me escape and refuels my energy in a way that is wholesome and real.

He hopes that his newest song, Blood!, reaches others who might have been betrayed by someone who was once a best friend in the same way. “Often, the people who hurt us the most are the people we’ve been closest to,” he says.

What is Next for Peachy!?

One of my favorite artists is a Thai singer named BOWKYLION. She doesn’t sing in English, but I feel such a connection to her music, and the way she sings is so powerful to me. I’d not only love to learn from that and become a more powerful singer in my own music, I’d love to create some art with artists like her that truly move me.


Peachy is planning to move forward with his music, including music that mixes English with Korean without leaving out the possibilities of including other languages.

Right now, Peachy is very excited to move to Korea in a few months… “My environment is a significant factor in my ability to create. I think once I return to Seoul, I’ll be making not just more, but better music,” he says.

Once the pandemic ends, Peachy! has shows planned across 3 different countries. He also is planning to continue traveling the globe and learning about the different styles of music that inspire him.

Thank You Notes

It was an absolute pleasure to review such a genuine and good person, I really do hope to meet Peachy! in the future.

I also want to take time to thank Brittany from Gramophone and Peachy’s manager for allowing this article to happen.

His manager is a huge reason for this article, and I can’t thank him enough.


Have a wonderful rest of the week and remember to respect each other! If you need to go into public then remember to wear a mask because we are still in a pandemic!

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