Salem Review: Impatient and More

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What surprised me the most about Salem is when she said she suffered from stage fright (she also mentioned this in her  ‘This Summer’ series which I will talk about later). It surprised me to think that someone like Salem with such a powerful and confident voice would ever be scared to perform. When I saw her at the Red Room she didn’t look scared at all.

Table of Contents

  1. Editorial
  2. Who is Salem?
  3. Inspiration Behind Impatient
  4. What’s Next for Salem?
  5. Thank You Notes
  6. Links
  7. Conclusion

Who is Salem?

Ever since Salem Davern was 4 years old she loved to sing, “my parents caught on really early and heard me around the house and stuff and then started enrolling me in course programs and I just loved it,” Salem tells me.

She took her first songwriting class when she was 10, and it quickly became something she loved doing. “All my free time was spent into singing and songwriting basically since I was young,” she says. So many things influence her songs, “I try and write from life experience mostly or just like things that I’m feeling,” Salem says.

She believes songs coming from things that are relatable are the best kind of songs. But then, “A few years ago I was on a YouTube series called This Summer´ with Awesomeness TV and Hollister“.

Through that year Salem and her friends were filming every single weekend over the summer. “It was like a whole brand, and then they basically documented me filming my first E.P. which was a lot different from what everything sounds now. It was like a lot more singer-songwriter“.

The 24 episode series is on her YouTube channel, you can watch it by clicking here. Salem’s audience is mainly gathered through that show, which are mainly girls ages 12-16 years old.

I have watched Awesomeness since I was really tiny because I can recall interviews and like, you know, they were like the younger generation of MTV and YouTube. So I was so excited it’s like ´of course. Like how what?´ And she’s like ´yeah, they just like friended me on Facebook and they saw that you were friends of mine and looked up your YouTube and thought that you had a good voice, so do you want to do it?´ It basically take off a good year of my life. It was just like a job.

Salem Davern (4/13/2019)

Inspiration Behind Impatient

Salem‘s music is made for the radio, she has a wonderful skill of making music that you will never get sick of. There’s really nothing bad I have to say about her original tracks (that’s now the second week in a row that I have said that!) The only piece of criticism is that a majority of the remixes on her latest EP weren’t as good as I expected them to be. Spoove‘s remix was long and hard to listen to past the 1st minute, and David Bakhash‘s remix just didn’t sound appealing to me. Konstellation‘s remix was just okay. However, Fish Fox and Jordan Jay had two remixes of Impatient that really flowed well and were enjoyable to listen to!

So Impatient is exactly what it sounds like it’s about. It’s about me being extremely impatient. Yeah.


What’s Next for Salem?

Right now Salem is not dedicating a lot of time to her touring, “I’m just focusing on getting sessions booked in L.A. with writers and stuff, so I can meet new people,” Salem says.

Before she went back to LA in June I was fortunate enough to see Salem perform at the Red Room at her school in Boston called Berklee College. There may be some dates coming up in September she is hoping.

After this semester at Berklee, Salem says she’s deciding if she would come back to Berklee for her next semester or finish up her years online in LA. Although I really hope she comes back to Boston, I am sure she will be back in Boston for more shows in the future.

Impatient’s remix EP was through a new publishing company that agreed to work with Salem. The publishing company is called Brill Building and the next single is expected to come out through Brill, however it is unclear who will help Salem in releasing her next EP (if you are a record/publishing company, and you are interested in helping Salem with her next EP please contact Salem or me!).

Thank You Notes

I had an absolute blast getting to know Salem, especially after watching a little bit of her This Summer series (which I may even finish watching at this point). Salem is a good genuine person who has so much support and potential, I believe she will go far in anything she wants to achieve, and I am happy to be apart from that ride.


If you would also like to join her journey through the music industry you can like her on Facebook, and listen to future and past tracks on Spotify. For my thoughts and updates on Salem you can follow Unedited’s Facebook and Instagram pages.


Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!


Overall: 4.4/5

Impatient (Remixes): 3/5

Impatient: 5/5

Awake: 5/5

Step Lightly (Remix): 4.5/5

Step Lightly: 5/5

Top Song: Impatient (2018)

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