Harley Huke: Nothing But Trouble

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“When I made the decision to pursue music, countless people around me did everything in their power to convince me that it wasn’t the right decision, that it’s too hard, or that it was wrong for me all together. So that’s really what (Nothing But Trouble) is talking about” Harley tells me.

With this drive and passion to prove to so many that this notion is wrong, Harley has gained quite a following… 4.6k Facebook page likes, 50k monthly listeners on Spotify, and almost 20k Instagram followers all believing in what she does is the path that is paved for her… Me included.

Table of Contents

  1. Editorial
  2. Who is Harley Huke?
  3. Inspiration Behind Nothing But Trouble
  4. What’s Next for Harley Huke?
  5. Thank You Notes
  6. Links
  7. Conclusion

Who is Harley Huke?

Music has been something that Harley has loved for most of her life, and she “kinda just went with it and hoped for the best”. Writing about “the usual stuff” like life and experiences, she released her first single (a cover of Radiohead‘s Creep) in 2017.

It was with that single that Harley‘s success already began to grow, and today Creep has been played over 300k times on Spotify.

It’s so crazy to think that there are people out there who actually identify themselves as my fan. It’s the most fantastic thing when I get DMs, comments, and messages on social media.

Harley Huke (4/1/2019)

Inspiration Behind Nothing But Trouble

With her past music, Harley was too afraid to be vulnerable. So she wrote in a more general way, a way that a large majority of people can relate to.

As recently stated, her first original single (Nothing But Trouble) was about believing in one’s self or standing up for yourself. Fire seems to be about letting go of painful memories even though they are hard to let go. All these are general, but made in such an Emo Pop way that sounds different and catchy.

I would love to see more music videos, as I believe Nothing But Trouble paints an amazing picture of what she is trying to promote as her music, that being dark and raw music.

Due to personal and family issues that came up, she had to take a break from releasing new music. However, the next single is set to release sometime in the Spring. Harley tells me these tracks are going to be focused more on her personally, and she plans to be much more vulnerable with these tracks.

What’s Next for Harley Huke?

I’m from now on just focusing on myself, my art, and just what I want to do & hopefully it’s the right decision, and hopefully it works for me.


She is now focused on finishing school and releasing new music, which is what she loves. Plans are to release about five songs throughout this year, and hopefully one or two more music videos are to be released within that time period as well!

Thank You Notes

I would like to thank Harley for her continued communication, we have been working to make this review possible for about a 6 months now, and I am beyond excited to say it worked out! I will be keeping in touch with Harley obviously, and when the next single comes out I will update everyone!!


This update can be found on UMB’s Facebook page, so please go like the page… By the way, thank you to everyone who already liked the page because we are creeping up on 1k likes!!!


Have a good night!!!!

Nothing But Trouble (2017) by Harley Huke 

Overall: 5/5

Fire: 5/5

Nothing But Trouble: 5/5

Creep (Radiohead Cover): 5/5

Top Song: Fire (2018)

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