CHRNS [unedited] Music Review

(Original UMB Review)

“Someone wrote to me on Facebook and told me that someone’s playing your remix and I was checking the data and I saw that Mike Perry was playing my remix at Summerburst in Sweden. Yeah and then he played it the whole year that he played it at the Beach and then at Tomorrowland also and he still plays it everywhere. But the funny thing is that I didn’t send it to him.” This is what seemingly started Urban’s journey into the EDM world, and little did he know that this was just the beginning of his success.

In Middle School, Urban began to play with his friend’s software called Virtual DJ by mixing stuff and eventually starting to play as a DJ. “I first bought some controllers and I was like just mixing a lot and I really liked the ability to actually control the music”, Urban says. He then started playing in the public areas and eventually started to get some gigs, including high school parties and stuff like that. Then he wanted to start producing some music with intentions to make a living out of it. He tells me, “when I made my first song it was really cool… In that moment I knew it was something that I wanted to do, because when you hear your music and you see people listening and dancing to your music. It’s like a completely different thing than just playing some random song”. These songs and remixes were influenced by musicians like Swedish House Mafia, by which he fell in love with music that had melody, nice vocals, emotions, and music that can be played anywhere. His fan base begun with his direct crowd (people at the gigs he played at, friends, and family) and overtime spread throughout the world.

“I mean I knew that he was playing (the Fix You Remix) everywhere but then when I saw the video from Tomorrowland it was something else. At that moment I knew that something that I made was played at the biggest festival in the world. For me it was really great motivation to work on new music.”

-Urban Kralj

I am hugely impressed with these songs, but his songs can be a hit or miss. If the vocals don’t fit then the song stinks, but if the vocals do work then the song doesn’t stink. Urban is an incredibly talented DJ who can bring out so much in anything he does. His remixes on SoundCloud almost reconfigure the original song’s sound, which is especially true in Big Jet Plane (originally done by Angus and Julie Stone). His Fix You Remix (originally done by Coldplay) is so incredible that a well-known DJ/Producer plays it EVERYWHERE! However, like I said… His original tracks can be an either hit or miss… The vocals in Fluorescent track don’t fit the song, so it just doesn’t sound good. But the vocals in Innocence, and it really sounds good! I highly encourage everyone to listen to the songs that I just praised, along with Guilty Pleasure, his Paris Remix (originally done by The Chainsmokers), and my favorite track Runnin. There are many many other remixes he’s released on CHRNS SoundCloud channel, but I couldn’t get to them!

“I don’t like to really put music in categories like this is future bass, this is etc. I mean yeah it’s cool. Yeah it’s ok to have this kind of names but… For me if a song is good, it’s good. It doesn’t have to be in some genre or something…. It can be a good track or a bad track so.”


After finding out that Mike Perry was using his remix, Urban went forward and sent him more. It is unknown if Mike is actually playing these tracks, but Urban is for sure still making his music. His first songs featured on a major label he came out with were Fantik Records, but now he’s releasing most of his music on Spotify through Proximity. It is unclear to me about shows or festivals, however you can find that on his events tab in his Facebook page.

I would sincerely thank Urban for his awesome and continued communication, he is quite a humble dude for how far he’s come in the industry. I have provided everyone with a lot of links within this article (probably the most I have ever put in any article) so please check them out! Thank you for reading!!!

Runnin Ft. LUX 
By Kosling & CHRNS
Runnin Ft. LUX (2019)
By: Kosling & CHRNS

Overall: 4.7/5

Innocence (Ft. Zay): 5/5

Runnin (Ft. LUX): 5/5

Guilty Pleasure: 5/5

All Your Everything: 4.5/5

Fluorescent: 4/5

Before My Eyes: 5/5

Top Song: Runnin (Ft. LUX\ (2019)

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