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Within a tone of darkness, Being seems to have a lot of room for a deep understanding of things a lot of musicians struggle portraying in other genres. “We write songs from a very authentic place, looking retrospectively at real-life events that are often uncomfortable to talk about,” they tell me. Their vocals are unlike any other I have heard, and are meant to be very raw and authentic. Rage is a perfect depiction of what Being is trying to symbolize, and I believe they’ve successfully done this within their music video.

To the two who form Being, music is a form of natural self-expression that has turned into a necessary part of their lives. “It’s a part of who we are and always will be,” they explain to me. After announcing their debut album shortly following our interview in November 2017, the two have played a show in Iceland in March 2018 as well as shows across the UK. Other events that happened after our interview was the release of Rage’s music video, which came out on 11/17/2019.

“We don’t consciously have a genre in mind when we write so we find it hard to define ourselves in a specific genre, we just make music that’s genuine to us. Once after a show once we got described as ‘dark but interesting’ and we think that’s a very good description of what we do.”

Being (11/3/2017)

Every band has a very unique element and/or voice, and that’s usually what makes the most profound musicians go far in the music industry. Being are grateful to depict to their listeners and fans their dark tone. They are content to release personable and minimalistic music, such as Over which has a very intense feel to it’s music video. “It’s written from the perspective of suffering from a long term illness which I’m now fully recovered from”, one of the two tells me (name possibly will be released ASAP). Happy Miserable (their debut album) is exactly what they were going for, raw and provoking. Rage and Tempers are my highlights, however, the other tracks (Don’t and Run for Your Life) are great too. Following this album release, Healthy was released on May 7th of 2018. Healthy is another raw track with the same minimal beat as Rage, as well as provoking thoughts of what is actually healthy within the lyrics such as “I love/ To hate you”.

This year has seem to bring a new sound to their creations, including You Saw Me which has become my new favorite (with Rage being a close second). These tracks (You Saw Me, For the Taking, and Brittle) were all recently released in the last 6 months, has a new element added to their sound. This component is an acoustic guitar. Rather it is distorted (like in You Saw Me, and Brittle), or simplistically strummed (like in For the Taking)… The guitar ultimately fits Being’s puzzle, and actually makes their music more intriguing to listen to.

“We feel our songs are honest moments of reflection and melancholy and the musical ambience underneath the vocals compliment the emotions and the atmosphere of the songs well.”

There is no doubt that Being has certainly pulled me into their music as I write this review, they seem to challenge people to think and somewhat meditate while listening. Being are dedicated to continue to explore new sounds, travel with their music, and potentially gain a bigger audience. However, right now I guess Being and I are content to produce for themselves and others who are willing to explore our work. Which you can’t help but to admire.

I would like to thank these guys for reaching out, and I want to say thank you to whoever reads and/or listens to their music. I hope you enjoy both productions. These guys are beyond intriguing to me, so I will gladly be updating this article with more reviews of future tracks in the future!

Rage (2017)

Overview: 4.9/5

Over: 5/5

Happy Miserable: 5/5

Healthy: 4/5

For the Taking: 5/5

Brittle: 5/5

You Saw Me: 5/5

Top Song: You Saw Me (2019)

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