Marvin B Naylors Vibrant Psychedelic Classic

Marvin B Naylor on Sound Cloud
Marvin B Naylor
Via Marvin B Naylor
Single Review
       Marvin B Naylor has released a stand out track with his latest single ‘Colours’. A vibrant psychedelic classic. 
        Firstly, I felt refreshed to hear a 12 string acoustic guitar opening the song, being a big fan of the 12 strong it was great to hear this being the focal point of the opening section. Marvin soon delivers a nail biting performance with his strong vocals cutting through his signature 60s guitar sound.  
    The Winchester based musician has delivered the goods perfectly on ‘Colours’. It boosts a sentimental message with love being the main topic. 
    The track really gets going mid way through and its beat would make even the sturdiest of listeners tap their foot. Therefore it is easy to find yourself being hooked on its tight rhythm section and catchy chorus. Furthermore, I have been listening to quite a fine collection of Marvin B Naylor releases and although this song follows suit with previous tracks, it is definitely in its own sphere.  
       You can listen to this release on SoundCloud. You can keep up with Marvin through his official Twitter account. 

Via Marvin B Naylor (Single Cover)


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