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Lilac Melt
Lilac Melt
King Tut Wah Wah Hut (UK)
EP Review
       Lilac Melt has just released their self-titled E.P consisting of 5 shoegaze show stoppers.  The female-led Scottish Indie Rock band who are signed to record label Infinite Hive Music have not disappointed with this release.
        Although quick to hear influences from fellow Scottish rock band Cocteau Twins. I was thrown back by the sharp vocals of lead singer Katherine Ely. Her unique linguistic tongue really sets the tone for the entire E.P. The E.P starts with ‘Hey Stranger’. An eerie introduction followed by anthemic guitars. This song would not feel out of place performed at a small underground basement or on the main stage at a major UK festival. 
     Following that, ‘Oxidise’ with its catchy melody and rhythm guitar driving the song forward. ‘Never Enough’ takes the E.P into a composed space with its palliative dripping wet vocals and beautiful auratic guitars. 
    The Penultimate track ‘Out Loud’ really should be played out LOUD. It is the type of track which leaves you craving it again and again. ‘Sweet Surrender’ concludes the E.Pwith more emotive, melodic vocals, punchy drumbeats and metallic guitar riffs which cut through even the deepest ambient layers of the song.  
       You can listen to this release on Spotify. You can keep up with the band through their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp channels as they embark on performing shows across the U.K.
Lilac Melt (2018)
by Lilac Melt

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