MUX [unedited]

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Italian Alt-Rock Band 


     The very first person that had reached out to me while I was promoting my blog was Rebel Rebel PR manager, Nick Connett. He wanted me to help him with promoting his bands from RR, and the first band was MUX. The first song I listened to by them was MDMA, and I immediately heard the Nine Inch Nails influence. 
      The song was unlike any alternative-rock song I have ever heard, and I love it. There’s not a lot to say, other than the fact that I’m excited to hear more from this band and I have no doubt that they will at least go as far as getting a good fan base in America….. So let the fans come along through this post. 
      More reviews will be coming through the release of this album, please stay tuned!


Overview: ★★★★☆

MDMA: ★★★★☆

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