• 2am Orchestra [unedited] Music Review

    2am Orchestra [unedited] Music Review

    To people like myself, doing what you love keeps you sane and happy. You need to do this sh*t so that life doesn’t feel so… Useless. That’s why they call it “a calling” probably. That’s why David J. Kelley has been doing what he loves since 2001 and probably even sooner than that. You can’t…

  • Cruel Miracle [unedited] Music Review

    Cruel Miracle [unedited] Music Review

    There is definitely a modernized rock n’ roll feel behind Cruel Miracle‘s sound that needs to be recognized as unique. Rather it be Kim’s grunge-like-vocals, or their metal-like-guitar riffs; Cruel Miracle certainly seem to infuse the old with a new version of this genre of music. They¬†tell me, “there is an urging sense of creativity…

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