• Waiting for Smith [unedited] Music Review

    Waiting for Smith [unedited] Music Review

    “Stuck in sticky stuff, It gets tricky when you’re low. It’s a long life, When you don’t know where to go.” ~Long Life by Waiting for Smith

  • Nick Kingswell [unedited] Music Review

    Nick Kingswell [unedited] Music Review

    “If it’s time you want, You can have it. If it’s something strong, You can have it. If it’s love you need, Go and find it. Just don’t tell me I didn’t try, To love you right.” ~I Didn’t Try by Nick Kingswell

  • Sarabean Music

    Sarabean Music

    The latest music review for Sarabean. Sarabean just came out with her debut album Careworn.

  • The Coronas [unedited] Music Review

    The Coronas [unedited] Music Review

    “I’m good for a little bit, but I get lost in the thick of it. I hate to say that I’m wrong, feels better playing along. Hope you don’t notice it, when I’m just a bit low-spirited. I gotta face it alone…” ~Lost in the Thick of It by The Coronas

  • Tia Gostelow [unedited] Music Review

    Tia Gostelow [unedited] Music Review

    “I don’t mind hasty, and if my times wasted. I wouldn’t touch you in the freezing cold,  what’s on your mind lately, I know your eyes say things,.” ~Out of Mind by Tia Gostelow

  • Worry Party [unedited] Music Review

    Worry Party [unedited] Music Review

    Hi all, it’s me John. I was going to post this article on the 18th, but some reality slapped me in the face with a surge of overwhelming anxiety caused by significant life changes this week. I knew that I needed to start writing bit by bit, so as a result this intro is going…

  • 2am Orchestra [unedited] Music Review

    2am Orchestra [unedited] Music Review

    To people like myself, doing what you love keeps you sane and happy. You need to do this sh*t so that life doesn’t feel so… Useless. That’s why they call it “a calling” probably. That’s why David J. Kelley has been doing what he loves since 2001 and probably even sooner than that. You can’t…

  • MoonDreams Music [unedited]

    MoonDreams Music on Spotify  MoonDreams  Interview & Review         At this moment, I’m in a happy place and getting entranced with MoonDreams songs on Spotify, it’s like some sort of country lullaby. “I’ve loved music as long as I could remember and really loved starting to sing at 6 years old.  I started…

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