• Lorena Leigh [unedited] Music Review

    Lorena Leigh [unedited] Music Review

    “Where I’ve been is sacred inside me, And all I know won’t hide. When the big show rolls on by, Or I’m crucified being who I wanna be.” ~Girls Like Me by Lorena Leigh

  • Cooper Phillip [unedited] Music Review

    Cooper Phillip [unedited] Music Review

    “I pushed away my feelings, gave up on love completely. Never thought I’d see the day I want tø say, thank you heartbreak.” ~Thank You Heartbreak by Cooper Phillips

  • The Coronas [unedited] Music Review

    The Coronas [unedited] Music Review

    “I’m good for a little bit, but I get lost in the thick of it. I hate to say that I’m wrong, feels better playing along. Hope you don’t notice it, when I’m just a bit low-spirited. I gotta face it alone…” ~Lost in the Thick of It by The Coronas

  • Tia Gostelow [unedited] Music Review

    Tia Gostelow [unedited] Music Review

    “I don’t mind hasty, and if my times wasted. I wouldn’t touch you in the freezing cold,  what’s on your mind lately, I know your eyes say things,.” ~Out of Mind by Tia Gostelow

  • Samuel Jack [unedited] Music Review

    Samuel Jack [unedited] Music Review

    “I see crazy when there ain’t no crazy, sun’s out but in my head it’s always rainy. Forty-nine reasons to stay in bed, who says OCD is dead?” ~Gonna Be Alright by SJ

  • Zilla with Her Eyes Shut [unedited] Music Review

    Zilla with Her Eyes Shut [unedited] Music Review

    I was told for years that I always talked in my sleep, and most of the time the things I would say were the most bizarre things ever. I was always interested to hear what I said, so I downloaded an app that records what you say in your sleep. I had it for years,…

  • C.SHIROCK [unedited] Music Review

    C.SHIROCK [unedited] Music Review

    I remember the first time I heard Bono’s voice, it was also the first time I’ve ever heard a musician from Ireland. I don’t remember exactly what the first song I listened to by U2, but I think it was either One, Sunday Bloody Sunday, or New Year’s Day. I never really thought anyone would…

  • Worry Party [unedited] Music Review

    Worry Party [unedited] Music Review

    Hi all, it’s me John. I was going to post this article on the 18th, but some reality slapped me in the face with a surge of overwhelming anxiety caused by significant life changes this week. I knew that I needed to start writing bit by bit, so as a result this intro is going…

  • Fjøra [unedited] Music Review

    Fjøra [unedited] Music Review

    “Remember the first time you went to a show and saw your favorite band. You wore their shirt, and sang every word. You didn’t know anything about scene politics, haircuts, or what was cool. All you knew was that this music made you feel different from anyone you shared a locker with. Someone finally understood…

  • In Earnest [unedited] Music Review

    In Earnest [unedited] Music Review

    Nowadays it feels like I can’t slow down and relax, if I do I just feel so… Useless. I decided to do this blog not only for my love for music, but also my fear of feeling absolutely worthless. The only way I feel like I have done something productive everyday, is if I helped…

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