• Waiting for Smith [unedited] Music Review

    Waiting for Smith [unedited] Music Review

    “Stuck in sticky stuff, It gets tricky when you’re low. It’s a long life, When you don’t know where to go.” ~Long Life by Waiting for Smith

  • Lorena Leigh [unedited] Music Review

    Lorena Leigh [unedited] Music Review

    “Where I’ve been is sacred inside me, And all I know won’t hide. When the big show rolls on by, Or I’m crucified being who I wanna be.” ~Girls Like Me by Lorena Leigh

  • cleopatrick [unedited] Music Review

    Before my in-person interview, Luke and Ian said they were ready and I was kind of confused….. “Wait aren’t there more members?” I said… And I swear I thought they were a four-piece because they definitely sounded like one. Vannessa laughed and said, “no they’re a two piece”. It blows my mind that these guys…

  • Hodera

    Hodera on Spotify Hodera Interview & Review    When it comes to reviewing these passionate musicians, I continue to find more and more songs I can relate to. But at the end of the day, I believe a lot of people can find some of their songs relatable. Hodera certainly does have a powerful impact on…

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